Brand History

It all started in the water nearly 20 years ago. Our love for the sport of swimming led us to create a company immersed in designing, testing, and refining the best swimming products on the planet.
Our products have been sought out and worn by Olympic medalists, World Champion swimmers, Ironman Champions and extreme endurance swimmers. We agonize over details that provide these athletes with a competitive advantage that their competition misses. While our products are engineered for world-class athletes, they are also the obvious choice for those with more modest goals. Whether trying to be the fastest in the world or set a personal best, blueseventy makes the ideal products to help you achieve your goals.



Another Olympic year and with 645 days of development and testing under their belt, the blueseventy team launches a suit that has undergone more flume testing and employs more spatial fit technology than anything they have done before.


Fabric suits are created to fill the void and the nero tx is released and blueseventy again sets the benchmark for technology and fit


Records fall and interest in swim is ignited and placed on a global stage. Development increases and swimming equipment R&D follows that of cycling and running. 

Swimming bans the new technology suits shortly after.


The nero comp launches and permanently changes the world of swimming. blueseventy, the leader in triathlon wetsuits and skins emerges as the innovator on a global platform


To reflect the company’s commitment to producing cutting edge products for all swimmers, not just triathletes, Ironman Wetsuits changes it’s name to blueseventy. The name is inspired by the fact that 70% of the world is covered in water.


Direct innovations is founded and among initial products, produces and sells neoprene bike seat covers, until an epiphany leads to the development of one of the world’s original triathlon wetsuits.

Direct Innovations becomes the official wetsuit of the Ironman Triathlon and changes its name to Ironman Wetsuits. The company establishes itself as the industry leader in triathlon wetsuit speed and technology.